The Language of Avoidance

A Stifled Voice and the Bull-Shitter Mindset

A Stifled Voice

Have you ever felt like you're not being heard or allowed to express how you feel?

Of course, you have, we’ve all experienced this at one time or another for many different

reasons I’m sure.

How did that make you feel? like a frustrated, hot ball of pulsating shite, perhaps? Well, ok maybe something near that.

So, before we go any further I want to make this clear, to anyone that may grace this magnificent post.

Feeling like you are not being heard, not being

allowed to speak, or having to absorb someone else’s bullshit aka “being the bigger person” does not mean

  • You are weak

  • You are stupid or naïve

  • You are too emotional

  • You have been influenced by other people

  • You are mentally incapable of knowing exactly who you are and what you stand for

  • You are expecting too much

I could go on but I’m sure you understand the point I’m trying to make.

If not, read on I’ll help you.

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Are you Fluent in the Language of Avoidance? - The stifled voice and the bull-shitter mindset

by TC Hails