Beginning or Start?

It's Your Decision To Make

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Is There a Difference?

While musing and pondering about this here’s a perspective.

The start of another day feels hopeful, want-tent even, and yes although such a word has not been grammatically verified it describes the feeling, a balance of wanting and contentment.

Some could perceive this as confusion or indecisiveness, however, I think it’s not that deep just a healthy indicator, highlighting the potential in facing a new beginning.

At this point, we may feel just that with the internal cheerleader (or saboteur) cheekily whispering “oh, here we go” or “c’mon you stupid bitch”

Some would think this particular phrase was harsh or not the thing to say to yourself for motivation, but why not?

To put it simply we become more aware and consciously understand what it means to us personally, making us mentally capable to receive such a ‘term of endearment’ warmly, and not as self-loathing thought.

We instead recognize what it is and embrace it with a knowing chuckle, into that positive place within the subconscious.

Convoluted, Deep Thinking, or Highly Logical?

The truth is who knows and really cares, We’re all capable of choosing how we receive thoughts and or "pep talks" we give ourselves in the moments when we need to kick start, reset or endure.

So we reach a point where we need the ‘mental tool box’ we search through all that we’ve collected over our time on earth seeking the ‘quick fix’ and behold the ‘precious’ that ‘swiss army knife of tools, You.

We do sometimes forget the process starts with us, we are in control of how we feel 99.9% of the time whether we realize it or not, we tend to forget this and at times and give the keys to control our thoughts, emotions, or decision making to anyone and anything else.

Easier said than done right? Of course, it is that’s why we all forget and initially end up in a vacuum of angst, turmoil, heartbreak, and frustration, etc denying ourselves contentment while we seek permission from outside sources, to validate our own fulfillment of what we need.

Only after we give up on this pursuit we begin to look inwards.

Whatever you might be facing, remember it’s ok to take a step back and start at the beginning.

Start by being patient with yourself and begin to build a strong relationship with you first, everyone else can wait for now.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."
- Seneca