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Seeking Out the Root Causes of Mental Trauma

Expose the Roots to the Light

Photo by Dazzle Jam


Say What?

No, this is not a piece on gardening, it’s just a phrase I like to use to describe the root cause of things.

Our internal struggles and thoughts are ultimately built up and destroyed by us over time with a little help along the way from outside entities, but, doesn’t this also mean we’re the cause perhaps?

I guess it comes down to the way we’re affected, what the effects are and how we interpret or perceive them.

In other words, we lose our shit, and when the mist clears, only then we can look into processing our thoughts and struggles effectively.

To seek out what our exact root causes are is not a straightforward task.

Imagine a negative thought or situation as a weed in your once picturesque garden, that was just a mere sprout through a crack in the crazy paving, now having sucked up all the nutrients from the soil and plants in the garden, it now inhabits the whole space, engulfing anything in its path.

Quite the "end of days" analogy however I hope you get the gist.

Our root causes can indeed start off small and undetectable, but when left in the dark or not addressed it can flourish, hijacking our thoughts and actions.

Like the weeds in the garden, our root causes thrive in the dark, once the initial root has been exposed to the light (or uprooted) only then can it be managed.

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