Has Your Brave Face Expired?

The Nuance, Pomp & Circumstance of it All

Photo by Mariana Montrazi


A Brave Face, the Mask or Autopilot?

You crave a reprieve from it today, but you know, inevitably, one of them will have to make an appearance for a few hours but hopefully not in perpetuity.

Or at least until you truly believe you don’t need it anymore, but until then, you flick the switch and on it goes.

The thing about this is, the mask, face or mode we put on is not degraded over time by wear and tear but, we do, as the wearer of said mask.

Having the ability to be able to push through and perform “as expected” is one thing but relentlessly well, that’s when we start to feel enervated. You are probably thinking — well of course, duh!

Hang on, you forgot about the trusty “autopilot” setting.

Autopilot - The Favorite Setting

We tend to use this as a kicker for the brave face but only when the mask is not quite adhering to that part we need to shield, so then we initiate the trusty autopilot, with the levels adjusted to the correct emotional setting intended for the appearance ‘et’ performance.

We’re so good at this one, why, because we have to be.

The world around you will not stop spinning because you need a time-out, no really, it won't Luv. So we get to perfect the use of this tool with such finesse because we use it the most and plus, it’s one of the OG mental tools.

Just think, when did you first slip into that autopilot “sweet space” where you made it to the end of “that day” you had no doubt you wouldn’t be able to make it past the first 30 mins, yep, one of those days. When you had no choice but to lead, be the anchor etc.

Was this a particular incident, situation or developed over a series of time?

Whatever the exact moment was for you I’m sure you keep those reasons close and for good reason.

Putting on a brave face doesn’t always mean you are hiding a deep trauma or faking productivity when you just can't be arsed, it also lends itself to momentary situations like; realizing that cough came with a fart and you need to whip on the face real-quick to get through that presentation, or being kicked in the balls by your besties kid, who’s also a little shit...


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Has Your “Brave Face Club” Membership Expired? - The nuance, pomp & circumstance of it all

By TC Hails