A Tribute to DMX

Rest in Power Earl Simmons

Photo by Mika-photography CC BY-SA 3.0


April 9th, 2021

We lost another one of our kings.

You told us you were, slippin, but we couldn’t catch you this time.

Even though we never met or conversed, from day 4,3,2,1 you were and forever will be, our brother from another.

We would always root for our OG dawg to come back (even if we gave you a side-eye or two) our ‘ultimate warrior of rap’ with the heart to match.

Whenever we heard that distinctive growl followed up with those signature barks, we knew our dawg was back, and what time it was.

Forever the passionate, raw poet, you opened your soul to all of us, giving us a view to see and understand the origins of your pain.

Feeding us the harshest of truths with those swizz beats to make it go down.

Thank you for sharing your energy and spirit with us.

Now your soul is at peace, rest in power - DMX